“El Nacional”, a culinary project that opened in Barcelona in October 2014.

A new space of 3.000 square meters dedicated to fresh products, national cuisine and cocktails located in Passeig de Gràcia 24, the most iconic and luxurious street in Barcelona. Built in an old parking, the space works as a dining venue, offering unlimited choices for your “get together” with friends, colleagues or family.

Probably one of the most exciting gourmet meeting spots in Barcelona for 2015. Enyevent Solutions team has already tried this new product offered by our vibrant city.

Fish, meat, traditional local dishes, snacks, tapas, cocktails and drinks, as well as an oyster & champagne bar.... many products and different tastings make this an exceptional “living room” for locals and food lovers.

El Nacional offers an annex space with a terrace and a coffee shop / tea room, together with a gourmet shop where you can find all the products served inside.

An interior decoration that reflects the Barcelona of the thirties and forties, designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán - THE designer of the moment - , offering a cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere.

If you are interested to plan a stay in Barcelona, Enyevent Solutions will show you this original place to enjoy fresh local produces from 12.00 till the end of the night.


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