Located in the southwest of France, not far from the Bay of Biscay, Bordeaux offers more vineyards—more than 100,000—than you could possibly try, but there’s glory even in just scratching the surface. The crescent-shaped city of Bordeaux, found along the Garonne River, has been the region’s wine capital for decades, with its illustrious past on display in the Golden Triangle area’s ornate buildings. Granted, in the not too distant past, Bordeaux was plagued by pollution, traffic jams, and urban decay. But today, when you travel to Bordeaux you’ll find a revitalized city, charming, 18th-century buildings, a pedestrian-friendly city centre, and a thriving waterfront area with chic boutiques and cafés. There’s also world-class art, as well as theatre and, of course, the renowned French dining experience.

Discover the wonderful Bordeaux World Heritage site, recognised by UNESCO, as well as its attractive lifestyle: 18th-century urban design, architecture, the importance of the river throughout history, the city's contribution to the development of ideas, and its place in history.

“Bordeaux, world wine capital”: this nickname rings so true that it would be unthinkable to deny it.   The Gironde department not only produces more wine than any other in France (in terms of appellation contrôlée wine), but its famous châteaux delight connoisseurs the world over. In recent years, many estates have embraced wine tourism and now welcome the general public to their cellars. It's up to you to take advantage of this opportunity!

Bordeaux remains the world’s most popular wine for many reasons, starting with the unique taste, character and style found in the wine of this region. There are many reasons why Bordeaux remains popular, but it all starts with the taste of Bordeaux.

Blessed with a pleasant climate, amazing architecture on a human scale, many pedestrian streets and charming squares where cafe terraces seem to spring up like flowers, Bordeaux is renowned for its art de vivre, the art of enjoying the simple things in life. Take a stroll through the markets, stop for brunch in a cheerful café, doze for a while in a park or enjoy an aperitif as you watch the sunset, followed by a delicious dinner washed down with a good Bordeaux. In Bordeaux, everyone takes life at their own pace, vibrating to the energy of the city without being disturbed by it.
If you are looking for a destination with top class facilities alongside the opportunity to sample the real France and its culture, then Bordeaux has it all.

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