San Sebastian

A dreamy looking scallop shaped bay with white sands and glimmering turquoise seas enfolds the city of San Sebastian, where some of Spain’s most renowned and innovative restaurants bask amongst old fisherman’s houses and Art Nouveau architecture.

The city of San Sebastian has long been the playground of the Spanish and its allure and appeal is not hard to comprehend. A four mile ocean front promenade features three glorious beaches where you can either roll out your towel or hit the surf. There is a new town with glamorous shops and beautiful boulevards designed by the coveted city planner Haussmann, and a thriving old town core where a stroll around romantic narrow and winding streets will reveal buildings and churches of a range of architectural styles including Gothic and Renaissance-Baroque.

Food is a way of life in San Sebastian and the city is the home of some of Spain’s most renowned restaurants, as well as having one of the highest concentrations of Michelin starred restaurants in the world.  Alongside fine dining, San Sebastian also has a thriving pintxos culture, which is Basque-style tapas that features both traditional dishes and innovative creations that would not be out of place in some of the cities finer restaurants. The best way to get a real flavor of San Sebastian is to take a gastronomic tour, tasting its flavors as you meander your way around its streets. Once the eating is over, you will find bars with tables and chairs spilling out on to terraces and beachfront discos that keep the music playing and the locals dancing all through the night.

San Sebastian offers many other activities for visitors due to its location on the seafront and near beautiful Basque countryside. Boat trips, surf lessons, diving, hiking and golf are amongst some of the many possibilities. The city is well connected by airports and some five airports can be found within 100km from the city centre. Many hotels and venues are ideal for business trips and events, adding to the appeal of this lovely city.
Modern and traditional life rub shoulders in San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, perfect for any kind of trip.

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