Seville oozes romance, with twisting cobbled alleys linking beautiful plazas and threading through wide varieties of architecture, lined by pink bougainvillea and blooming orange trees. Its turbulent history has given it many different flavours, with influences from the Romans, Moors and Christians amongst others making the turn of every corner full of anticipation and expectation.

As the capital of Andalucia and the fourth largest city in Spain, it is anything but small, but the compact old town makes everything seem to be within touching distance. It manages to capture the feel of a small town, whilst still being packed full of eye catching architecture, world recognised icons and a melting pot of cultures. The city’s Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and something to be marvelled at, as is the Alcazar, which has played host to many of the city’s rulers in its history. Then there’s the Plaza de Espana, a unique and mind-blowing site that seems otherworldly, and was proved so when it was chosen to feature in the Star Wars movies.

Beyond its buildings and gardens, Seville is also home to two of Andalucia’s principle traditions; flamenco and bull fighting. Sevillanos flock to the bull ring in season to judge the machismo of the matadors on show, and flamenco can’t be escaped, whether it is an impromptu show in a back street bar or the ticket stalls for tourist shows which line the old town. Both of these traditions are packed with passion, and that passion is not in short supply anywhere else in the city either.

Given its size and importance in Andalucia, as well as its influence in Spain as a whole, Seville is a popular choice for exhibitions, conferences and other corporate events. It has hosted huge events in the past such as Expo 92, and is more than capable of hosting events of all shapes and sizes. With its excellent infrastructure, the city is very easy to visit with the airport, high speed trains, motorways and even a river port allowing you to arrive in whichever style you prefer. On arrival, it is also extremely easy to navigate with a tram system cutting through the city and many areas pedestrianised and clearly signed.

You won’t be short of options in recreational hours either, with plenty of outdoor sports, golf courses and other activities to keep you busy once you’ve explored everything the city has to offer.

With the mixture of facilities it offers, along with guaranteed enjoyment out of hours, Seville is an ideal destination for a business event or getaway.

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